November 2023 Recap

We proposed a "hub & spoke" networking model to work alongside the peer to peer model in data-sovereign sync scenarios.

Instead of apps owning data, people own

Networking topology

We've been discussing our networking strategy. P2P is magic! When it works. We're exploring some alternate approaches and Josiah Witt wrote up our team's initial thoughts on GitHub. To address these P2P networking challenges, we proposed a "hub & spoke" model, suggesting that browsers defer networking to a native container with enhanced capabilities, such as a cloud server, a self-hosted server, or a native desktop app. This model allows native apps to operate directly or employ a remote agent in case of P2P connection failures, positioning P2P as an upgrade over traditional "hub & spoke" connections. Weigh in with your thoughts on GitHub about storage partition problems, WebRTC issues, and considerations for effective P2P implementation. 

November Releases

Release 0.3.8

  • new context menu for stack sections in composer
  • network and replication stability improvements
  • bug fixes in composer folders
  • automerge 2.0 experimentation

Check out the full release notes on GitHub to explore all the details.

Release 0.3.7

  • composer is now merged with composer labs (all the plugins from labs are now available in composer behind a toggle in the settings panel)
  • network performance and stability improvements
  • ECHO replication performance improvements

Explore all the details in the full release notes on GitHub.

Release 0.3.5

  • major improvements in the networking layer (less chattiness -> more stability)
  • new composer feature: folders!
  • functions playground (write code inline in composer/labs and execute it like a notebook)
  • composer: better link opening experience (still not perfect, but better!)
  • composer: presence indicators on items in the tree (now you can see where collaborators are in the space)

Check out the full release notes on GitHub to explore all the details.


Office Hours

Jess Martin and Zhenya Savchenko are hosting weekly Office Hours on Thursdays from 11-12 PT. Join us on the DXOS Discord server.

Meetup Talks

DXOS leadership spoke at both the London's Local-first Software Meet-up on October 18, and the Local-First Web Development Meetup on October 31.