January 2024 Recap

Comments and threads

We're pleased to share an update on Phase 2 of the comments plugin. This phase introduces compatibility with dynamic ranges, enhancing the functionality of our documents. Now, each document has an array of threads. Threads include a range that precisely tracks the start and end relative position of the comment highlight. A reducer within the CodeMirror plugin maps these ranges onto view decorations, ensuring a seamless user experience.


This achievement serves as an illustration of the symbiosis between the CodeMirror and Composer extension and plugin architecture. If you'd curious how it works, here's the PR on GitHub

January Releases

Release 0.3.10

  •  Composer:
    • new text editor features: clickable links, comments, font tweaks, and others.
    • settings are better organized
    • try automerge by flipping the switch in settings 
    • new key bindings and shortcuts
    • joyride hints

Check out the full release notes on GitHub to explore all the details.


Office Hours

Jess Martin and Zhenya Savchenko are hosting weekly Office Hours on Thursdays from 11-12 PT. Join us on the DXOS Discord server.

We will be at the Effect Conference!

Jess Martin will be speaking at the first ever Effect Conference. Explore the power of the Effect ecosystem and community with us in Vienna, Austria on February 22-24.